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    Hi, I like this theme a lot. I admit I am a total newb to WordPress so I’m sure I might have messed something up.

    I have random featured/header images at the top of my page with the content overlapping them. I really like the look, and they work great on every page except the Listen page. I am unclear if the plugin I am using to create linked images is incompatible, if there is some kind of customization I need to adjust to make it work, or something else.

    Appreciate any assistance.

    Website: www.nataliejokes.com

    Cryout Creations Team

    There is some invalid output on your site which is preventing the theme from functioning normally on that page.

    Something (most likely a plugin) is attempting to output some additional parameters on the body tag, but it is outputting invalid data, breaking the rest of the attributes already present.

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