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    I am using a plugin called WP eMember by Tips and Tricks. I am having an issue on the Create Account page where the error messages are being cut off. After contacting the plug in creator they have said “The issue is the theme’s sidebar has Z-index much higher than it should be.” To see the problem
    * go to this URL
    * Leave the first field blank and skip to the next field
    * You will see the error messages on the right in red that are being cut off


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    Please apply the following CSS to resolve the error messages getting cropped at the edge of the content:

    body article.hentry {
      overflow: visible;

    The theme does not employ z-index on its sidebars. The overlapping happens simply because of the order of elements in the markup.

    #main {
       z-index: 1;

    This wouldn’t be a problem if the form had a limited width within the content.

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