Custom Menu not showing up in Primary Navigation with Internet Explorer 11

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    I’m not certain this is a bug; it just seemes like one to me. I added a custome menu and added two pages to it, an about page and a contact page. When I log out to see what the site looks like to visitors, these items don’t show in IE but do show up in Firefox. I put the menu in primary navigation. I know it saved fine because logging back in and navigating to the menus settings under Appearance does show me the custom menu, indicating that it’s in the Primary Navigation region. Much of my audience will likely use Internet Explorer, so I really need to fix this. Any ideas?


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    Does the problem still persist or was it something related to caching?

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    Funny, I had tried clearing my cache and even disabled the WP Supercache plugin on the site, but the menu still didn’t show up. I tried clearing my cache again a bit ago, and still nothing. Then I came back later after having restarted the browser, and the menu is there now. Go figure. I wouldn’t have wasted anyone’s time with this if clearing the cache had worked the first time. I put my URL in the box in case someone else might want to take a look in IE and confirm or negate what I’m seeing, though now it appears moot. As someone who is blind, the question always remains as to whether it’s my assistive tech failing me somehow.

    By the way, For blind folks, the biggest worry about making a website is making sure it looks good. The Nirvana theme completely nullifies that worry. My wife, who is sighted, finds the look of this theme impressive, and she has a discerning eye.


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