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    Dear all,

    Does anyone know if it is possible on one of the sidebars of the theme, to make a widget present, or not, depending on the page you are in?

    I know that the answer probably goes thru customizing one template of the mantra theme, and using that template on the pages I want the widgets appear or not, but I have tried it (like for example removing some lines on the place were the sidebars are created) but with  unsatisfactory results. Though, my experience in php is quite limited….

    If anyone has experience on that, would appreciate his/her suggestions.

    Finally, thanks to the Mantra team for the great work!


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    Dear all,

    After some research I found a  clean and very effective solution for those not wanting to code: “Widget Logic Visual” plugin. It does the job perfectly well!



    Also try Dynamic Widgets…extremely versatile and user friendly advanced options

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