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    Major Stewart

    I am a bit frustrated. I am a moderately experienced web site designer but a wordpress newbie. I am trying to allow visitors to make comments any posts on my site. I have that working well on all posts EXCEPT the most recent one (set as the home page). As soon as I post a new post the the former most recent post is replaced and moved down in the stack, comments are available for the former most recent post. But not for the new most recent post.

    I do not know if this is a theme bug or if I have not found the proper setting to select. I have tried other themes and have found a range of differences. Out of the box, some allow no comments anywhere, while others allow comments everywhere using my site settings, still others (Mantra, for example) do it differently on the home page of my site.

    I am open to suggestions on a setting or a bug fix in Mantra. I have been ready to move to a different theme, but I like most everything else about Mantra.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I see the comment field showing up fine on the (last front page) post:

    There is no comment field on posts inside the category page (and the home page is also a category page, which you’ve currently set to display one post only).

    There is however a “Comment / X comments / Comments closed” button for each post inside a category page, but you’ve hid that when you set the theme to hide the meta bar.


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