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    I love Fluida–I’ve been using the free theme for awhile now. I am considering purchasing the “plus” version, though I would really like to see the default for the theme and for the cryout creations site itself to follow web accessibility standards. One thing that stands out to me as problematic is the low colour contrast on this site and other Cryout sites, which is repeated in the default colours on the Fluida theme. I have pretty okay vision but even I have trouble seeing the text against the background sometimes, and for people with lower vision it will be even harder.

    I just did a test of the Fluida Plus demo using the WAVE accessibility checker, and nearly all of the text elements don’t have high enough contrast:

    I think this is something fairly easy to fix. I realize people can just customize the colours on their own, but by making the default be inaccessible, that means many websites out there will be inaccessible because many people won’t realize it’s a problem.

    Thanks for considering!


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