Changing Background Hover Color of Submenu Items

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    Hello. I found the following code in this forum to change the background color of submenu items and tried it out, but it isn’t doing anything. I’ve tried it out both in the Cryout Creations Mantra Settings > Miscellaneous Settings and on Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. The submenu items I’m trying to effect are in the Books for Sale menu item on this site in development:

    /* change the background color of submenus *
    #access ul ul li a:hover {
    background-color:#1da209 !important ;
    overflow:none !important;
    */prevents color from going outside the box
    #access ul ul a, #access ul ul ul a {
    width:auto !important;

    Thanks if you can help.


    Cryout Creations Team

    Please remove that CSS and use this instead:

    #access ul ul.sub-menu li a {
        background: #002F00;

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    Zed, works fine and is simpler, too. Thanks!


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