"Category page with intro" not working as expected

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    I am having the same issue as Rafael with the “Category page with intro” not working as expected. I just started creating the site and am using Parabola. I like the theme so I’d love to get it working properly.

    Example: http://www.bcuzbookz.com/

    My test category is “Award Winners” with a child category of “(Romance) RITA”.
    When I click on “Award Winners” it takes me to the category page at http://www.bcuzbookz.com/award-winners/. The intro shows up just fine but the posts that are displayed are full (standard format) posts even though in POST EXCERPT SETTINGS I have ARCHIVE AND CATEGORY PAGES set to show Excerpt.

    When I select Award Winners from the Category widget in the right sidebar, it takes me to http://www.bcuzbookz.com/category/award-winners/ and displays the posts as excerpts (but with no intro, of course).

    How do I get the posts on the “Category page with intro” to show as excerpts like they do on the normal category page? Any hints/help/pointers will be appreciated.


    Got it working the way I want it to.

    Added custom menus to the primary nav bar.
    Deleted the ‘Category Archives’ lead in category.php (yeah I know I will have to edit that out again when the theme updates).
    Added custom CSS to make the page-title look similar to Category with intro template.
    Added a plugin that allows html in category descriptions.
    And set Archive and Category pages to Excerpts in Post Excerpt Settings.

    Will buy you guys coffee as soon as I am able.

    P.S. I apologize if my terminology is lacking. I am a noob.

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