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    How I can handle problem with using urls leading to my ‘id’ items on different page
    Right now the text is scrolled not enough to bottom (probably because of loaded header what overlays text)
    When using links on site then everything behaves ok.
    Lets look at page:

    Słownik do kursu Podstawy Testów Automatycznych

    Use internal links and they work as expected
    But when you use ‘Python’ link placed in

    Krótko o narzędziach których potrzebujemy

    What leads to below url –

    Słownik do kursu Podstawy Testów Automatycznych

    Id ‘python’ is overplayed by header
    When I delete node header then text is properly displayed
    I tried handle this by adding custom class to each item but then internal links are not handled well

    Any ideas how to omit this problem



    I see I cannot edit post 🙂 and links not look fine
    So link to section with id is


    Cryout Creations Team

    Browsers don’t take fixed elements (like the menu) when performing in-page scrolling to target anchors. This is a limitation we are aware of and are looking for a solution (one that doesn’t requiring including a couple of books-worth of JS into the theme).

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    Please read the available documentation and search the forums before posting.

    Thanks for answer – looking for this fix in near future releases 🙂

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