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    Hi, I am a registered Septera Plus user, and I’ve tried to create a support ticket 3 times and every time I submit something, I get a message saying my message is considered Spam and to try again later or use the Forms. Here is my request:

    Hi, I just registered Septera Plus and migrated the settings from the Free Septera and things seem to be working fine. I have three questions:

    1. At the bottom of every post is something that says Previous Post and Next Post. How do I disable this?

    2. I have enabled the following Meta Information, Date, Category, Tags, and Comments. The Date and Category show at the beginning of the post, right beneath the title, which is where i want them, But the Tags are always at the end. I’d like all three of those to be together at the top of the post. Is this possible?

    3. The default setting for captions for images is to make the font-size of the text the same as the main article. I’d like it to be smaller. I know how to do this by manually editing the CSS file and I add a line that says ” font-size: 12px;” in the section for “.wp-caption .wp-caption-text” and this works great. Except every time there is an update to the theme, this setting is lost. Is there some other way I can decrease the default size of the caption text under images without having to do this?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for a great theme!

    Website: www.mikeeckman.com

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    I discovered the answer to my first question, which was to add the following into Custom CSS. I still need help with the other two, however.

    #nav-below {
    display: none;

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    Hi Mike,

    Based on your report we’ve tracked down an issue after a recent update with the spam check blocking the forms entirely in some instances. That is resolved now, so thanks again for pointing out the problem.

    2. The tags are designed to appear in those particular locations. Theoretically they can be moved around, but that will require adjusting their styling as well.

    3. You can make that customization permanent by placing the appropriate custom styling in WordPress Additional CSS field (in the Customize screen):
    body .wp-caption .wp-caption-text { font-size: 12px; }

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    Thank you Zed. I added the custom CSS for my third request.

    As for the tag location. I understand it’s designed to be there, but I like to encourage my readers to click on the tags, and at the very bottom, it blends in with the comments section, related posts and other things. I doubt as many people see it, than they would at the top.

    If you accept enhancement requests for future updates, I would love to see that! 🙂


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