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Kay likes to imagine himself sitting in a dark corner. Cold and suffering, miserable and misunderstood he likes to imagine lying in that damp corner staring at Zed – a bright Zed, full of color and flickering spotlights. He’s looking at Zed as he solves problems, chit-chats and smiles while giving out autographs. Kay sees himself as Zed’s twin evil brother with a plan to take over the world; but there’s a flaw to his dream: Zed is already evil so that would make Kay the good, caring and loving sibling? Unacceptable says Kay.

So Kay imagines himself a crooked shrub living in the shadow of a great oak tree. He gives this tree a name – Zed and blames him for the lack of sun. I need to see the sun, I need to feel his warmth and let his golden rays caress my dry leaves. But Zed has no fault in this. The sun is up there for us all, he says, instead of throwing blame you should learn to grow sideways. Unacceptable says Kay.

So Kay imagines Tempera. He imagines Tempera until his inspiration and imagination both run dry. He closes his eyes and sees a land of infinite love and warmth, a land of contrast and light, of colors and shadows – a land where all trees have the same height. He imagines Tempera until it becomes real, then makes a post about it thanking Zed for all the support and uploads a couple of images for the sun to see. Acceptable says Zed.




So it may seem that Cryout Creations turned into a one man team lately, but the truth is that while Zed has been making update announcements and provided (some) support in the short times he hasn’t been sick, Mr. Kay in true creative mind and spirit has been investing almost all time in constructing his latest masterpiece: the Tempera theme.

Currently in (almost) beta state, Tempera is a siamese twin of Parabola options wise but a wealthy distant cousin as features and functionality are concerned. With just a few more things to put into place, the Tempera theme should be released in the upcoming days.



About Kay

The creative mind behind Cryout Creations. In charge of all you see and a lot more. Has all the great ideas but never enough coffee to make them all happen; also the lead bug designer.
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17 Responses to Tempera Theme sneak preview

  1. zubair says:

    Hi….both Parabola and Tempera are incredibly amazing……it actually provides all the options that one hopes for in a wordpress template….however i have hit a small roadblock….i am trying to add a custom css style sheet in the header.php file that over rides the existing css style sheet. But i am unable to locate the link to the existing css style sheet in the header.php file….can anyone help me…thanks

    • Zed says:

      There are no CSS inclusions in the header.php file. The proper way to include CSS in themes (or plugins) is via en-queueing and hooks, and that is done via functions. Plus you should be doing this by using a child theme, not changing the theme’s files.

  2. Is this where you want Beta feedback? I was totally loving the Tempera, and was in the process of changing the header when it apparently triggered a secondary firewall attack on my server. My server locked me out until the admin could re-allow my IP. I have the error code. If you would like me to send me your e-mail address I will forward it to you

  3. I have been trying different themes for years including buying some, looking for one as good as Parabola. Thanks for making all that searching worthwhile. Any idea yet when Tempera will be released for Beta? If it is better than Parabola, I’m not only IN, I’m excited! I have 36 blog sites that I am planning to switch themes on, and I am hoping that Tempera is the one …

  4. parabola is a cool,this will be wow! let the credit link be removed without childtheme.

  5. Jim says:

    Eagerly awaiting the birth of the latest addition to the CC family!

  6. amir says:

    very beautiful but please add rtl support in it like your other themes

  7. Al Settle says:

    Now that is easy on the eyes! Very, very nice work!
    I really like Parabola, and Tempera looks even awesomer…

  8. Ted Sluymer says:

    And one other thing: a background for a post. Colour or image would be great!!

  9. Ted Sluymer says:

    Looks great. I like Parabola, but i will look to Tempera as soon as it has arrived. By the way: i hope sooner or later each sidebar could be of a different size.

  10. definitio says:

    Nice post, amusing and inspiring…

    The theme looks good, shows some of that darkness along with this inner glow…


  11. rodandresdx says:

    will this have a page builder? for a homepage

    • Zed says:

      What do you mean? The “presentation page” as is in Mantra/Parabola?

      • rodandresdx says:

        Some premium themes have something called PageBuilder, wich allow you to make a homepage with blocks, columns, and add diferents type of widgets, etc, is easier to make a homepage for your blog, can’t wait to try this new theme 😀

  12. James says:

    What a wonderfully creatively amusing post :¬]

    So you guys know, I went through AT LEAST 100 themes looking for a home before settling on Parabola.

    Hence GREATLY looking forward to your latest addition with which to possibly paint my site ( or coat it in a delicate and tasty batter, should my ability to spell momentarily fail me :ºD )

    Just so you know… what you guys do matters and is massiv’ appreciated.
    And once I turn our work into revenue… it won’t just be for me, but will be shared with you too.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    Much luv from the trenches.

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