Tempera 0.9.9 is on the edge

The latest Tempera version has been available for some time now and as many of you have probably noticed, it brings some neat enhancements. Because that’s what edge versions do: crushed under the incredible pressure of standing right beside a staple update, edge versions will give their best to stand out and not be forgotten with the passing of time. I mean who would remember version 0.9.9. once 1.0 rears its ugly head?

So for that reason alone, just so that version 0.9.9 will linger in your memory a little bit longer, it brings you 360 degrees of responsiveness. Everything is finally fully responsive: the front-end, the presentation page and its columns and even the theme settings can now fit just about anywhere.

Version 0.9.9 also tries to fix the issue with the missing/wrong colors some of you have experienced. Some have experienced an unexpected drop to default colors on their sites and some have noticed two color selectors on the theme settings page with mixed outcomes. ‘Fixing’ this issue is too much said as it’s not really theme related. All issues that have been reported until now have had faulty plugins as the cause. So if you’re still experiencing this please disable all plugins, then re-enable them one by one until the issue resurfaces. Then drop us a line on the forums with the name of the plugin.

Anyway, here’s the condensed changelog for version 0.9.9:

  • Full frontend responsiveness
  • Full presentation page responsiveness – column images keep aspect ratio when scaling
  • Full admin responsiveness – you can easily and intuitively use the theme settings page from any device now
  • Added colour fields failsafe (added ‘#’ if missing)
  • Added ‘Disable’ options for presentation page slider and columns
  • Fixed menu borders when menu alignment changes

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The creative mind behind Cryout Creations. In charge of all you see and a lot more. Has all the great ideas but never enough coffee to make them all happen; also the lead bug designer.
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13 Responses to Tempera 0.9.9 is on the edge

  1. dawid says:

    Hey how to change the customizable ,responsive endless fonts and other imagens to my own anthe own text?

  2. I want to keep my Welcome page and the Presentation page. I’ve tried the Custom Menu instructions. Guess I’m doing it wrong. My request for help and the steps I took are posted here http://www.cryoutcreations.eu/forums/t/how-to-set-welcome-page-and-presentation-page.

    Can someone please take a look at the question and help?

    Right now, if you go to my blog the Presentation page is disabled at http://www.mickiesherwood.com/blog.


  3. Nick says:

    Excellent, thanks!

  4. sneakysly says:

    What changes were made in 1.0?

  5. Tempera is a great template ! But where can we find the Main Page… to keep it as it is and change only the text? The index page is not event present in the Page Section of the WP Board???

    Carole P.

    • Zed says:

      If you’re referring to the presentation page, it replaces WordPress’ own homepage when enabled.
      To add to a menu, it can be found as the special “Home: home” menu item. See our custom menu tutorial for details (specifically step 5).

  6. JoAnne says:

    The Spider Event Calendar Plugin was causing my issues with missing and wrong colors. I disabled it and the site is working fine now.

  7. Seb says:

    It would be more useful if we can click on the text in the carousel. Thanks !

  8. Gerdel says:

    Unfortunately, one can not write German umlauts in the comments! Records are no longer listed again from the German umlaut! Sorry for my Englisch pronunciation!

    -So no German umlauts possible in comments! mfg L.Gerdel

  9. Joe says:

    I’ve also noticed the header is messed up on IE.

  10. Mike Russell says:

    I just updated to this version, and it appears that the header is not displaying properly on all pages.

    The behavior seems to differ slightly depending on browser I’ve tried. It displays on some pages for IE 11 and latest Firefox, but none of the pages in latest Chrome. (all on Windows 7. Haven’t tried Mac. Seems ok on Safari on iOS 7.)

    I have it set to display Site Title and Description, as opposed to an image or logo.




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