Zombie Apocalypse Personas

While waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse theme to be reviewed (and finally accepted :D) I made a Firefox Persona with the same name. Basically that’s just 2 images (a header and a footer) that will decorate the default Firefox theme. If you install any other custom theme for Firefox then Personas will not be loaded. You can see the Zombie Personas I made here (plus a couple more I experimented with).

Firefox Persona
The Zombie Apocalypse Firefox Persona

Seeing how Personas can only be seen on the default Firefox theme I started working on a Zombie Apocalypse Firefox theme but that turned out a lot more complicated than I imagined. Still, I’m a few day away from completion and then I’ll see about submitting it.

And in other news, I’m also working on version 1.06 for the Z.A. WordPress theme. Nothing fancy, just a few small changes.

Zombie Apocalypse is a dark, "B" style horror movie inspired WordPress theme by Cryout Creations with lots of blood and gore. For more info check out the theme's page.