Verbosa 0.9.5/.6 gains up on things



  • Updated Cryout Framework to 0.5.7
  • Restored proper order of theme panels/sections in the Customizer
  • Renamed ‘Graphics’ customizer section to ‘General’
  • Relocated ‘Socials’ panel under ‘General’ and ‘Custom Footer Text’ under ‘General’ > ‘Structure’
  • Added load/save theme settings functionality
  • Updated admin URLs
  • Added site title as alt text for the WP logo
  • Moved microdata function to framework
  • Adjusted default content width to 1024px
  • Switched to using proper textdomain function for the framework translations
  • Added base font name to Google fonts enqueue (when custom weights are used)
  • Fixed typo in Amazon social icon URL
  • Updated mobile menu background color to use the sidebar background color setting
  • Removed input[type=”file”] styling
  • Updated searchform.php to use labels (accessibility)
  • Fixed search aspect on Safari
  • Fixed ads scrollbar issue
  • Removed unused /resources/patterns folder


  • Updated theme URLs in style.css and footer
  • Updated news feed URL
  • Fixed “aside” post format icon layout
Verbosa is a customizable, responsive and free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations, designed for artists, authors and creators in general. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi, I am using the Verbosa Theme for my website – I would like the hyperlinked text to be a color. Can you tell me how I can make hyperlinked text the same color orange as the sidebar navigation headings? I worry that visitors won’t understand what text to click on. Not everyone will hover over the correct text to see it turn a color.

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