Septera 1.2.1/.2/.3



  • Fixed liliputian sizes for landing page titles in v1.2.2


  • Added landing page sections support for WPML/Polylang localization


  • Added support for WooCommerce breadcrumbs
  • Added landing page icon blocks read more links
  • Added landing page options visibility dependencies checks
  • Improved on-page SEO
  • Improved tables styling
  • Changed headings size options to apply to content headings only
  • Fixed quantity input being too short for double digits with WooCommerce 3.3+
  • Fixed landing page featured boxes not being disable-able
  • Fixed language flag images being improperly aligned in menus
  • Fixed HTML markup validation warning due to empty ‘media’ attribute
  • Fixed CSS validation warnings due to empty color fields and invalid ‘default’ values
  • Removed ‘defer’ loading of comments script due to conflict with Jetpack
  • Updated to Cryout Framework v0.7.4
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