Septera 1.1(.1/.2) is another one



  • Properly fixed static slider responsiveness to better fit the screen
  • Added workaround for horizontal scrollbar on mobile devices when large menus are used


  • Added integrated styling for our Serious Slider plugin ***requires Serious Slider v1.0
  • Adjusted responsiveness of static slider image to better fit screen
  • Increased content headers line-height to 1.2
  • Fixed extra space under menu when main menu is set to fixed and on top of header image with boxed layout when no header image is set
  • Fixed editor styling option not controlling style.css enqueue
  • Renamed $septeras variables to be more generic
  • Fixed featured boxes not deactivating by setting the category to ‘disabled’
  • Fixed dropdown menu width issue in Chrome with very short menu items
  • Adjusted static slider CTA buttons styling to be more generic
  • Fixed static slider caption container being displayed when no static slider caption fields are used
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