Roseta 1.0.3/.4/.5



  • Fixed content background color option not applying to the block editor
  • Fixed headings color not applying to the block editor
  • Improved block editor styling support for dark backgrounds
  • Improved translations support for the framework second textdomain with Loco Translate


  • Improved footer content alignment on mobile
  • Fixed site title missing line height
  • Fixed color fade on mobile top menu
  • Fixed landing page text areas layouts not alternating properly
  • Fixed slider and static slider captions, landing page section titles and description not being properly horizontally aligned on older browsers (IE 11)
  • Fixed main navigation placement when set to over header image
  • Rewrote frontend scripts


  • Fixed missing background color for the fixed main menu
  • Adjusted top section so that it disappears when no branding, top widgets or top menu are active
  • Adjusted static slider caption text to use the overlay text-color option
  • Fixed header titles disappearing on small screens (under 640px)
  • Fixed missing background color for the fixed single post navigation
  • Fixed menu when set to “over header image” not behaving properly
  • Updated screenshot
Roseta is a fast, clean and highly customizable multi-purpose WordPress theme that features both style and substance. For more info check out the theme's page.

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