Parabola 1.4 holds a grudge

Run! Hide! Save all the women and children. Parabola 1.4 has arrived and she’s got a grudge.

She’s upset because she’s been ignored for so long while her two younger sisters got all the attention. So upset that she’s bringing a major update with lots of changes, some fixes and (hopefully) no just one new bugs.

The changelog:

  • improved responsiveness (a bit more) for the whole theme and specifically the header area
  • fixed accent colours hint non-translatable
  • added zoom option to allow up to 3x zoom on mobile devices
  • added “Contact” social icon (same icon as Email) – can be used to link to the contact page/section/form
  • added “Phone” social icon for callable phone number links on touch-enabled devices
  • added new menu right align option to correctly display the menu items in the same order as left/center; the old right align menu item was kept under a different name to better handle multi-line menus
  • added a brand new mobile menu
  • added a header widget area
  • added header widget area size (can be set to: 60%, 50%, 33%, 25%; default to 33%)
  • improved custom comments compatibility (thanks to phpcodemonkey)
  • fixed breadcrumbs not handling tag pages
  • added options to disable presentation page slider and/or columns
Parabola is a light, sharp and highly customizable free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi, thanks for the great theme!
    I have one question, though:
    How can I set a different header image just on the presentation page? The plugins that usually work don’t work here.

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