Parabola 1.4.(1/2): double the fun, half the word count

This is not Parabola 1.4 and a half although the title may lead you into thinking that. This is a double release post and we sure did miss doing one of these. Why? Because they’re short and to the point.

So in keeping with tradition: we fixed the menu alignment bug, moved some JavaScript around, fixed the mobile menu issues and the responsiveness disable setting, added an option for the presentation page columns and fixed the header widgets layout on mobile.

You’ll find more info and other minor issues in the changelogs:

Parabola 1.4.2

  • Removed the “template” meta tag from header
  • Removed leftover author meta function from theme-meta.php
  • Fixed theme still partially responsive after responsiveness disabled
  • Fixed header widgets positioning
  • Added option for presentation page posts column count
  • Fixed multiple mobile menu issues on iOS and Windows Phone

Parabola 1.4.1

  • Fixed issues with main menu alignment
  • Moved some extraneous JavaScript from main.php to admin.js
  • Made all JavaScript files minify-able / Corrected JavaScript comments to handle newline removal (JS compression)
  • Added an editing notice in style.css
  • Clarified/reordered meta bar option in theme settings
  • Added link to theme settings page in customizer
Parabola is a light, sharp and seriously configurable free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Left the follow information on the forum back in December without response about bugs with this theme. Perhaps, I’ll get a better response here.

    The following problems that I’ve outlined to be corrected:

    [Unnecessarily long Test Unit output removed for readability]

  2. I use the “parabola” very nice and cool theme for customized. but for the presentation page after I noticed that there is only the content appears in a miraculous and do not want to replace it with other content, why?

  3. Hello for some reason after I did the update Im having trouble clicking on the buttons in the Parabola settings, they will not open?
    Im trying to get to the social media links to update one of my links any suggestions.

  4. This theme is perfect for my site, however, after this most recent update I’m unable to click on any of the Parabola Settings. Advise? (No JS errors, up to date on WP version and all plugins.) Thanks!

  5. I’ve installed this site and it looks great, but I’m now getting a message from go daddy my provider which is telling me my 512MB RAM is being fully used and I need to upgrade.. is this normal?

  6. I really like the header widget function, but it does not appear to be responsive, even after the latest update. Disappears from screen on mobile, and some tablets. Any fix for this?

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