Mantra 2.6.0 keeps up with the trends


  • Optimized CSS layout and updated for latest browser versions
  • Removed unused third parameter $post_image_id from nirvana_thumbnail_link()
  • Added author role meta to improve microformats
  • Added time updated and published meta to improve microformats
  • Removed deprecated hgroup HTML tags
  • Fixed WooCommerce rating stars font issue
  • Added new theme tags (and removed deprecated ones)
  • Updated theme URL for new site
  • Updated theme news feed URL for new site structure
  • Removed bundled it_IT, fr_FR, ru_RU, es_ES, de_DE, nl_NL translations in favour of WordPress Translate ones
  • Added text domain to style.css to support WordPress Translate
Mantra is a clean, highly configurable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi,
    More update for six months, the theme is not a party in the trash, you keep good updates ?
    Just improve the icons of social networks, at the top, perhaps using the icons are Awesome !
    And optimize the mobile version (responsive)

  2. I’m also having problems with the presentation page slider which doesn’t work on PC’s and Laptops (although strangely seems to on mobile devices. It appears to be a Jquery error. Please can anyone advise a fix?

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