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It seems it became a habit to release Mantra changelogs in pairs, even though the changelog is long overdue and is not even out yet (this will probably be the first changelog ever released in advance 🙂 )


  • a couple of options names and descriptions were clarified
  • fixed the function that makes sure the sidebars have the right height when they have background colours defined
  • improved handling of the above function fixing it’s failure to work in some instances
  • added support for “apple touch icon” favicon
  • limited PIE support for only the elements that actually need it
  • fixed the slider page not working in some cases apparently it didn’t
  • the “Search” string is now translatable


  • articles should arrange themselves better on the page when Magazine Layout is enabled
  • removed automatic resize of the videos (part of Mobile View option)
  • meta date and author are now properly hidden from bots
  • hopefully fixed all issues related to the drop down [sub-[sub-[sub…]]]-sub-menus on all browsers
Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Apart from my personal website I also support two others. I use the Mantra theme for my site, and love it. I have decided to also use the Mantra theme for this site: Everything was going well until the slider would not load. I made sure I went to Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays:, and clicked the “Your latest posts” radio button. Still no luck. Additionally, I have had no luck searching for the answer via Google. Please help. I love the theme, and would really like to get this fixed, as opposed to using a different theme.

    1. It appears your ‘shareaholic’ plugin is force-loading an older version of jQuery over WordPress’ built-in one. Check to see if it has an option to disable that loading, or contact its creators to update it to use the WordPress bundled version.

      1. Zed, thank you for the quick reply. I deactivated Shareaholic, and the slider started working appropriately. The plugin has an option in the settings that I can check to help with jQuery conflicts, but it does really does nothing when I check it. I like the Mantra theme much more than I like the Shareaholic plugin, so I will just find a similar plugin that does not cause a conflict. Thanks for the help!

  2. So I just installed the new theme update and didn’t remember to do a backup of my old site with Custom CSS and HTML included. Now everything is back to default. Is there any way I can uninstall and it will revert or am I SOL?

  3. Before, my site used to send subscribers full posts via email subscriptions. Now it only gives a 50 word blurb and that is not what I want. I want people to be able to get the post in an email immediately and then forward the full post to others as before.

    Can you fix this

  4. I like advance notice on releases. I would also love to see any planned changes/enhancements to the header/logo customization prioritized.

    Right now I am basically unable to use a logo for my website, because Mantra forces a certain width-height ratio on header images.
    So even if I have set the height at 112px and I am trying to upload a logo of 180×112 dimensions, I can only have a small horizontal “strip” of that logo set as header, which is then also stretched to fit the template width (the “don’t crop and publish as is” option is not even available). Kind of paradoxic considering the excellent options and settings Mantra so generously provides to the user in such straight-forward manner.

    Congratulations on your excellent work. Yours is the only Theme that has allowed me to keep my sanity as I am now moving a site from Joomla to WordPress.

    Happy new year, my best wishes

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