Mantra 1.7.4 makes things right

The new 1.7.4 version sets softly on the open wounds created by 1.7.2. It stops the bleeding. It straightens bones. All is not well yet but it does feel better. You still shouldn’t get out of bed for a few days, it’s just not safe yet. There’s still a high fever and you’re still in shock. But we thought about that too. With the new bandage version come a few nice things that you can play with:

You have more fonts to choose from ( adding up to a total of 35 !!!) and places that you can apply them on like sidebars, post titles and sub headers. So now you can have a multi font site. That should keep you entertained for a while.

We also added 2 more widget areas for the sidebars. You now have 2 widget areas for each sidebar. Things should be easier to organize from now on.

So there you have it. Patches AND features. What more could you ask for? A header slider you say? Well we’ll see what we can do about that now won’t we?


Mantra Theme Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Could you implement a feature setting to choose the size of those large animated Social media buttons above Widget sidebar?
    I find them way too large and would love to choose to have them of not, and if so, at what size.


    1. That’s rather odd. If you’re using version 3.2.1 you may be lacking some jQuery. Would you mind taking a screenshot of the admin area (Mantra Settings Page) as well? That would make things a lot clearer for us.

      1. Sorry, i misunderstood. Now i notice and here is the link of mantra settings
        on the bottom of the screenshot you go forward to see more pics about the settings.

        I also notice that 1.7.6 has arrived and i wonder if i should update it.
        Please let me know what is better to do about this one.
        Should i go back again to 1.7.4 or more back to have at least a customized theme ?
        My problem now is that i have comments off on pages and looks very bad for visitors… and much more.

        Thanks !

          1. Hi !
            I can’t update to 3.3.1 because of my romanian language (this wordpress is translated in romanian) but when i first install 3.3.1 english and mantra theme <1.7.5 (1.7.3 or .1.7.4) i had this problem too.
            Now, should i go back to 1.7.4 . or i will have the same problem ?

          2. You shouldn’t have problems with any version of Manta on WordPress 3.3.1. We didn’t have any reports ever.
            If you want Mantra to work on WordPress 3.2 you need to go back to Mantra 1.7.0.

  2. Hi.
    I’m updating theme to 1.7.5 and when i try to change something in mantra setting all content narrows in middle.
    To fix that i have to reset to defaults.
    I have to change in settings some aspects like no comments on page and so on. Please advise me.
    First time when i use mantra was on wp 3.3.1 and i also have this error and i have to reinstall wp.
    Now i use wp 3.2.1 romanian. Thanks and i will appreciate your effort to explain me what to do.

  3. Hi there!

    What WordPress version does this version of Mantra support? For me it works well with default configuration, but if I for instance change from full post to excerpt, everything just display in a thin margin down the center of the screen.

    I admit not having gone though much documentation or configurations yet to try to resolve it. I’m thinking about upgrading WordPress from 3.2 something to 3.3.

      1. It worked now regarding setting the excerpt setting after upgrading WordPress to version 3.3.1. I also had to change most or all file ownerships (to match the user used by the webserver) to do the update.

        By the way, I’m using Mantra version 1.7.5 so I perhaps posted this in the wrong forum thread.

    1. Depends on what version you’re using at the moment. The message that appears when you try to update the theme from WordPress, informing you that updating your theme will lose all your settings is there by default .

  4. So i know you haven’t done a post on v 1.7.5 yet, but I wanted to report a bug with the social media section. For some reason, the value of Link nr. 4 is being copied into Link nr. 5, overwriting the value there. So i can’t use them because it’s creating a duplicate. And if i leave Link nr. 4 blank, it copies blank into Link nr. 5. So i can only use 1 – 3 for now.

  5. Mantra is quickly becoming one of the best-implemented designs in its category. Respect to all who slaved to make it so.

    Kay, I have a few inquiries:

    I have made some minor mods to the style.css file so that my Mantra design is more to my liking. I do this by methodical combinations of search/try/save/test with a virgin copy of the ‘style.css’ file close at hand. So far, despite that I don’t know jack about CSS, I seem to have done all my mods without any issues appearing. yay!

    My mods are: Post and Page title font size/BFstyle, elimination of (much dreaded) font shadow style, widget title bar+font size:

    1. Can you point show me here (or via email) how to change the default margin (indent) of Post titles?

    2. Despite my adjusted setting, I cannot get the post tags to be hidden following my posts. I want them to be searchable, just not visible. is that possible.

    3. I want to learn if there is a way that I can embed my entire changes to “style.css” into the awesome new “Miscellaneous Settings: Custom CSS” window.
    Hold your LOL, but I don’t know if pasting the entire content of the Style.css file into that window is the correct way to ensure that future Mantra updates will also reflect my subtle style changes.

    4. Would you like your coffee black, bold or with curly-quotes?

    :-p dave

    1. Hi Dave and sorry for the late reply!

      Lemme first tell you that the things you modded are now in the works of becoming Mantra Options ( the much dreaded text shadow and the header/title indent.)
      They’re gonna be in the 1.7.6 version which should not take more than a few days. This way you won’t have to alter more CSS. For these issues at least.

      The post tags not hiding are an interesting matter as we didn’t have any reports of that. We’ll look into it and let you know.

      You should not embed your whole CSS into the Custom CSS area. The page would load too many CSS declarations. Although you can try it as it will probably work, it’s just not a best practice. You should only load the things that differ.

      I’ll get back to you on the tags issue.

      1. Thanks Kay.
        I also altered the Widget header bars to size and text size.
        I’ll need to know what you mean by ‘different’ css, as I just replaced sizing numbers with smaller sizes here and there.

        The other issue I may not have mentioned is that one of old images appearing when i upgraded. Nothing solved it other than reverting to 1.7.2. As I said, I cannot load the update for your testing if my Blog will look wrong as I have advertised the link publicly.
        Someone did write asking what cool theme i used, so I was happy to tell them of Mantra.
        Keep up the great work!

  6. Ok thanks for the information Kay, I appreciate it. If you do decide to make that option available to change the menu link backgrounds I’d be all for it. i’d love to make them black with yellow text.

    I’ll try that advice on removing the images, thanks!


  7. Hi all,
    I just installed Mantra tonight and got it all configured, almost. Love it!! I would like to pose 3 questions please.

    1. is there a way to change the background of the main menu tabs below the header? you can reference my website to see.

    Also, a way to change the background of the section just below each post title where it has the author, date, categories used, etc. ?

    Lastly, how can I remove header images that I no longer want? I’d like to use the rotating feature but I have a few there that didn’t look right so I can remove them that would be great.

    Thanks so much !

      1. Hi guys!
        The background of the menu links doesn’t change (yet) because it’s an image. I’s not CSS made so making that editable is not option at the moment. We may think of transforming it in the future but don’t hold your breaths. It’s just not a priority at the moment.

        Also for Matt, the meta section under post titles is not editable either. But that’s a pretty good idea and I think we’ll implement that in a future version.

        Lastly, the last question for Matt 😉 the header images you no longer want you have to remove by going in your WordPress Admin section to Media > Library and permanently remove them from there.

  8. Hi guys, this is my fault and I’m hoping you can help me out but I went onto the editor and tried to remove the “comments are closed” wording that comes up on the bottom of every page cus it didn’t really look great with my pages.

    turns out I couldn’t get rid of them and I actually ended up mucking up my blog comments box which is pretty much the only place I wanted comments. Oops.

    If you could email me the last section of coding for the ‘comments’ section of the editor I would be eternally grateful. And is there a way to remove the “Comments are closed” wording??

    Thanks guys,

  9. I have just updated to v1.7.4 and woe is me! my posts and other page entries only appear on the page below the level of the widgets in the sidebar. Refreshing does not change this. In the meantime, I think I will revert to v1.7.2. If nothing changes, I’ll be in touch.

    I love this theme, especially its elegance and ease of use.

    Pat. Mitchell

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