Fluida 1.2(.1) finds new friends



  • Added WooCommerce compatibility
  • Added WPML/Polylang compatibility
  • Extended Fitvids status check in Masonry call after more posts are loaded
  • Removed landing page slider separator when text and description are not both defined
  • Changed default footer background color; added footer text color option; fixed footer border and separators color
  • Improved landing page fields checks
  • Fixed get_default_pages() to sort by post_date
  • Fixed one singular typo in style.css


  • Added title and description fields to blocks and boxes
  • Redesigned the mobile menu
  • Added landing page ‘more posts’ button
  • Added ‘disable’ option for landing page boxes
  • Fixed landing page boxes and blocks clear responsiveness
  • Checked articles animation to ‘fade’
  • Removed page templates – use the new pages meta layout option
  • Changed several icons used in the theme
  • Changed icons pack for the landing page icon blocks; slightly redesigned the icon blocks
  • Changed landing page text areas to center aligned
  • Updated translation file
  • Changed default static slider image
  • Fixed incomplete breadcrumbs visible on static homepage
Fluida is a modern, grid based WordPress theme by Cryout Creations. For more info check out the theme's page.