Bravada 1.0.1/.2 chips away the lazyness



  • Added fallback menu to the top navigation area
  • Added option to disable animation for lazy loaded image
  • Added lazy loading for featured images and single post navigation images
  • Optimized frontend.js structure
  • Adjusted main menu submenu’s dropdown icon alignment
  • Fixed header scroll arrow not being clickable and adjusted its focusable areas
  • Fixed padding for metas in blog posts
  • Removed lazy loading for banner images
  • Updated lazy loading for landing page elements to use WordPress functions


  • Improved preloader handling when JavaScript is broken on the site or disabled in browser
  • Fixed shortcodes over-filtering in some landing page sections
  • Fixed images sometimes not appearing due to lazy loading animation
  • Fixed header titles support for HTML entities and special characters
  • Fixed header video horizontal alignment
  • Fixed header titles vertical misalignment on landing page with specific configurations
  • Added margins to metas
  • Removed hardcoded filter to reactivate WooCommerce’s columns count option availability
  • Cleaned up and optimized frontend scripts
  • Updated theme description
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Fixed issues with font families that contain multiple words
Bravada is s a free, highly customizable WordPress theme that’s not afraid of anything. For more info check out the theme's page.

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