Anima 1.3.0(.1/.2) takes a walk on the Gutenberg side



  • Fixed notice about malformed number format in setup.php since 1.3.0
  • Fixed Gutenberg editor background color missing


  • Fixed notice about malformed number format in custom-styles.php since 1.3.0
  • Fixed classic editor styling not working since 1.3.0
  • Improved large blockquote block padding

version 1.3.0

  • Fixed landing page slider area missing background color
  • Gutenberg editor tweaks and improvements:
    • Added styles for the new block horizontal separators
    • Added editor styles for the Gutenberg editor
    • Added support for theme colors and font sizes in the Gutenberg editor
    • Added wide image support
    • Improved list appearance in blocks
    • Fixed margins on gallery blocks
    • Fixed caption alignment in blocks
    • Fixed cover block text styling
    • Fixed block embeds responsiveness conflict with Fitvids script
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