CR2 HTML Module for OpenCart 1.5

We are please to announce our first step in the transition to OpenCart 1.5 – our HTML Module has been rewritten to be compatible with the latest and completely improved release of OpenCart.

This free release allows up to 3 separate HTML code areas to be displayed on (almost) infinite areas, limited only by the number of used Layout pages and Positions. The upcoming commercial version will include support for up to 10 separate HTML code areas.

The module can be freely downloaded from the OpenCart Extensions Directory.


Admin Area Preview


  1. This is a great module. I think there’s an issue with it though. Anything I place in Area 2 or 3 does not show up. Also, the sections where the module can be seen remain the same. I don’t want html area 2 to be seen on the same pages as html area 1. Is there a glitch of some sort?

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