CR2 Landing Page (Pro) Configuration Manual

v101-1-generalsettings This is where you define and control the general module options.
Module Status Enable or disable the module. This is useful if you want to turn off the landing page while retaining the settings.
Include JS Library Leave enabled if you’re using OpenCart 1.5.5.x or you are using a custom theme. Disable for OpenCart 1.5.4.x.
Note: Keep in mind this may interfere with the libraries included with your theme and may break functionality. If you encounter such an issue, simply disable the module and contact us. We will try to provide you with a solution.
Module Position Set the area of the store where the module will be loaded (no actual content is visible there).
Change the default recommended value only if the landing page fails to display on your store on the desired layout(s) but displays fine on other layouts.
Note: If you select Left/Right and no other module is set to be displayed there, you will create an empty left/right column on your store.
Layouts Here you can select which areas (routes) of the store you want the landing page to be displayed on.
If you have less than the default number of Layouts (11), and you only wish to display the landing page on some of the sections (routes), you need to make sure they have layouts (recreate them if they no longer exist).Important: Keep CTRL pressed for multiselect.
v101-2-lookbehaviour This is where you define and control how the module (landing page) displays.
Display Mode Controls how many times the landing page is displayed to a visitors at each visit to sections (routes) the module is active on. You can choose from once, twice… up to 10 times or every time
Content Width Specify the desired message/text box width (value is in pixels)
Default: 600 px
Content Height Specify the desired message/text box height (value is in pixels)
Default: 300 px
Overlay Background Colour1 Set the overlay background colour – hexadecimal 6 digit code. This colour covers the store on the outside of the message box.
Default: #000000
Overlay Opacity1 Control the opacity of the above overlay colour. 100% means totally opaque, 0% means totally transparent.
Default: 60%

1) Option only available in CR2 Landing Page Pro.

This is where you select the desired source of the text/content displayed by the landing page. Several sources are available. Then content of the section and available options will change depending on the selected source.
Landing Page Source Select where from the module should take text/content to display it on landing page. Available options are:
Custom HTML – this option allows you to type in the desired landing page content;
External URL – this option specifies that you want the module to grab content from a remote URL address;
Information Page – this options tells the module to use a defined information page for the content of the landing page;
Note: Defined content/values are not lost when switching between sources.
v101-3-content-a-customhtml Custom HTML1
Simply type in the desired HTML content for the landing page. All HTML allowed by OpenCart’s WYSIWYG editor is accepted. For more advanced HTML you can switch to source mode by clicking the “Source” button.
You are allowed to type in separate content for each store language.
v101-3-content-b-externalurl External URL
Type in the external URL which the module will display in the landing page. Make sure the remote URL page content fits in the configured message/text box sizes.
You can specify both absolute (local and remote) URLs as well as relative.
Examples of URLs:

  • remote absolute URL:   
  • local absolute URL: /section/homepage-message.html – the “section” folder needs to be placed in the root of the domain holding your OpenCart installation (note the preceding slash)
  • local relative URL: some-file.php – the “some-file.php” file needs to be located in the same folder as the OpenCart installation (next to where admin and catalog are located)
v101-3-content-c-infopage Information Page1
This option allows you to select any of the (previously created) Information Pages defined in your OpenCart store. Note that the module uses information pages whether they are enabled or disabled, so you can easily create a dedicated information page just for the module (and leave it disabled so it is not displayed throughout the store).

1) Option only available in CR2 Landing Page Pro.