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    I can’t edit my first post, but maybe it wasn’t totally clear. I Meant:

    Since I have updated Events Manager to version 6, my site is in trouble with appearance. If I disable Event Manager plug-in, appearance is fine.

    I have asked for help on Events Manager Pro Support Forum, but I (still) don’t have a solution yet and maybe you can have an idea to help me.

    I have look in the DOM and the div#secondary is out of the section#container where it should be (as you can see on the screenshot here :

    Now, I have added a JavaScript code to force the div#secondary to get in the section#container:
    setTimeout(() => {
    let leParent = document.getElementById(‘container’);
    let laDiv = document.getElementById(‘secondary’);
    }, 100)

    It does the job, but it is not quite satisfactory.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)