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    Hi, congratulations and thanks for the excellent work with this theme. I have a problem but I do not know if it is a bug or I wrong anything.

    In my site I have the hover header image menu (I chose Septera for that too), and site layout fullwide. Looking at it in fullscreen (over 1600px) everything ok, but if I shrink the window (to simulate smaller screens) at a certain point the menu is put in two rows (compared to the title of the site) and integrates badly with the main image (and the color of the texts is used as with the fixed menu). If I shrink more, the mobile menu appears okay.

    I just hope I have explained the problem well … sorry for my english!



    Hi, the problem persists. :-(((
    Under a certain resolution the menu is positioned in two lines (one of which overlaps the header image badly).

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    For best visual results, the menu items need to fit in the available space on the target screen sizes (and before the mobile menu is activated). If the menu items are too many for the screen, they will overflowand extend beyond one row.

    Due to the complexity of the header there’s no magic solution for this yet. The solutions are to either limit the number of items to make the menu fit in one line (at least on the target screen size and larger) or activate the mobile menu earlier – when the menu no longer fits (using custom styling).

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    Hi Zed, thank you so much for your reply. Ok I understand everything, now I will try to find where to anticipate the entry of the mobile menu (in the css?).

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