Tempera 1.2 is so great it skipped a number

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere. And it announces itself to be either a hellish hot summer or a very wet one. So while trying to keep you from spending everything in the Steam summer sale we are warming you up (just a tad) with a fresh new long awaited Tempera update.

At first you might find this a bit odd and ask yourself where did the 1.1 version go to? Well wonder no more and get this right from the source: Tempera 1.1 went ahead and left for her summer vacation early. But worry not, Tempera 1.2 was nice enough to jump in ahead of time and take the spotlight. And right on queue, as this new version proves to be the largest update yet.

In short, Tempera 1.2 brings two new generic social icons, a mobile zoom option (finally allowing visitors to zoom on Tempera-based sites on their favourite devices), a new header widget area width option, an improved right menu alignment option (now split in two), better responsiveness support for custom colours schemes, “minify-able” javascript code, a lot of tweaks and fixes, a Spanish (frontend) translation and – la pièce de résistance* – the brand new entirely redesigned mobile menu.

Complete changelog:

  • added a brand new mobile menu
  • added “Contact” social icon (same icon as Email) – can be used to link to the contact page/section/form
  • added “Phone” social icon for callable phone number links on touch-enabled devices
  • added zoom option to allow up to 3x zoom on mobile devices
  • added header widget area size (can be set to: 60%, 50%, 33%, 25%; default to 33%)
  • added new menu right align option to correctly display the menu items in the same order as left/center; the old right align menu item was kept under a different name to better handle multi-line menus
  • added Spanish translation (frontend only)
  • added underline on links in slider captions
  • slides automatic excerpts length is now half of the configured posts excerpt length
  • fixed page templates to display breadcrumbs
  • removed unneeded continue reading link filter on slider posts
  • improved colour handling in responsive mode
  • theme’s javascript code files should now be minify-able
  • disabled code added in 1.0 which should have made the footer always stay at the bottom of the page (but malfunctioned)
  • improved the theme’s wp_title filter to avoid doubling of site title with 3rd party feed plugins
  • improved custom comments compatibility (thanks to phpcodemonkey)

About Zed

The analytical mind behind Cryout Creations. Responsible for all the wires and tubes; dedicates most time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.
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66 Responses to Tempera 1.2 is so great it skipped a number

  1. Diep Thuong says:

    how i make the login profile page ?

  2. pamelagcm says:

    I love it, so much easier than others that I trialed. Vers 1.2 has some nice improvements. I’ll be back for some premium themes! Thanks for offering this as a wordpress free theme.

  3. Tomtoms says:

    It is worth to add the ability to select Punctuation before the links in the sidebar – then much better it would look.

  4. bithsi says:

    how can i change the font size on the slide caption?

  5. Vivek says:

    Your Theme is Great ! Thank You !

  6. how do you change the font size on the slider text?

  7. lovelady1113 says:

    I don’t know why, but now my main menu bar has little arrows next to each item…I am guessing to indicate that there is a drop down menu.

    The last version didn’t have them. I am not sure why this version does. Any ideas on how to remove these pesky arrows?

  8. AndrzejL says:

    Any chance of expanding the social media buttons thingie so that one can add more then 5 of them? I would like to use them (and create own entries for / upload their own icons)?

    Example: I have switched 2 of the social services that I dont use for a forum link and piwigo gallery link buttons. It took me a bit as I had to replace current icons with self made ones and so on but I got it to work ;)… but I would like to see more then this… [+] to add more then 5 (unlimited number – well almost) number of social media buttons and to be able to add own icons to them (or use some generic icon if you dont want to upload one).



  9. Hello! There is an error. Try to resize your browser window into a mobile-sized view. Click the menu button (3 horizontal bars). Hide it again. Maximize your browser window again. The Navigation Bar disappears. I hope you fix it because I really love your creations :D

  10. I’m still having problems with the Presentation Page More Posts button. It still keeps reloading the same posts. This is a persistent problem from at least version 0.9. I keep hoping the updates will fix it

  11. amflyer says:

    I attempted to post this but it was deleted. I am building my website using Tempera and I have a number of questions.
    1. How can I edit the 6 boxes in the middle of the presentation page? I have been able to disable them so they do not show, but I cannot edit them.
    2. When the boexes are disabled, the presentation page which is the home page, still requires you to click on Continue in order to view the rest of the page. How do you get all on one page?
    3. The social media settings indicate that I can have all or up to 5 social links shown. How do I chang eht number of social links that are viewed?
    4. How do I remove the “leave a reply” from my website. I am building a website not a blog. I may later add a blog page, but that is not the primary purpose of this website.

    • RoJeC says:

      1. Tempera settings | presentation page | Presentation Page Columns
      several options available from simple replace to creating dependencies with posts.

      2. ?? (don’t know/never seen) might be Excerpt ‘Continue reading link text’
      3. Tempera settings | Social Media Settings
      4. Start in WP settings do disable for new pages; check all your pages (quick edit settings) and modify. In Tempera you might have to change Excerpt settings

  12. amflyer says:

    I am trying to build my website using Tempera. Couple of questions:
    1. How can I edit the 6 boxes in the middle of the presentation page? I can change the the text above the boxes, but do not see where to eidt or replace the 6 boxes. I can disable them so they do not show.
    2. When I disable the presenation boxes, the second half of the presentation page remains hided and I need to click on Continue. How do I get all of that information to show on one page?
    3. It says I can leave any number of the social media choices empty or add up to five. How is that done?
    More questions to come.

  13. skdinesh says:

    Hi is there a way to remove the gap/padding between the header image and the navigation; and the navigation to the slider? Thanks

  14. Jerneja TL says:

    Sorry, but customize.php does not work. Only “close” buton :-)
    Any settings in Tempera settings dos not work. If I change in onother Theme is OK.

  15. AndrzejL says:

    Could we please get more cool widgets?



  16. Stacey says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can edit the 6 boxes in the middle of the presentation page? The text above the boxes and where to change out the pictures.

    Thank you!

  17. Harry says:

    hmmm after the leatest update my lightbox is not working anymore!! I need I think a new theme :(

  18. Svat says:

    hi, thx for update but – I have problem with breadcrumbs… in previous version I could have chosen where I want them by choosing page template – it didnt show breadcrumbs in “category page with intro”, which btw makes sense… but now, they are everywhere, which is annoying if its on “first level” page, where its not needed… I want them only “deeper”… is there a way to specify breadcrumbs for each page? on/off would be enough
    thx a lot

  19. Ruben says:

    The new mobile menu does not appear on my site.

  20. adventurer says:

    Just did the update to 1.2 but now my slider is missing. I don’t see errors in my Dashboard. What do I need to do?

  21. AndrzejL says:

    Does tempera contains any google analitics scripts? IF yes – where do I remove it?



  22. I’ve noticed that there’s a nicely pointed arrow on the menu bar now. Can we have more customizable sharp objects in the future? . Perhaps in the next update the arrow could be in the form of a demo arrow that links here:

    You have to watch the video closely to understand the point :)

    • Luke says:

      Yes, please give us some custom options! Everything from what it is now (Google maps pointer??) to the original upside-down caret to, I dunno, some other arrow-like doohickey.

      Or at least give us instructions on how we can update the icon font ourselves to replace that arrow!

      Thank you, o Wonderful Tempera Deities.

  23. innovate development says:

    Hi folks,

    Thanks for the update. It had added arrows to my main menu, pointing right, on items that have submenus beneath. I wish to turn off these arrows to make it as it was before. Can you help?


    • blog4bleph says:

      I would also like to remove these arrows.

    • You could go here: Appearance/tempera settings/miscellaneous settings/ custom CSS and cut and paste in the CSS below to remove the arrow. This will not return the old (and much beloved) arrow but the drop down menu will still work just fine when moused over. If you miss the arrow and want it back you can just remove that.

      /* Remove Arrow */
      #access > .menu > ul > li > a:not(:only-child) span:after {
      content: none;

      I’m guessing that Zed might have a better solution that may be offered following kicking me around a bit for my sloppy amateur coding practices :)

    • innovate development says:

      Fixed! No need to comment.


  24. Slider has no ‘Continue reading’ buttons and some of the posts are missing the ‘read more’ button

    • Zed says:

      The disappearance of the continue reading link in slider captions is actually one of the “improvements” of this update. The slides link to the posts anyway, so we considered the continue reading buttons unnecessary.
      What I see on your site is that the posts that are also used as slides miss their buttons. I’ll look into this as it’s obviously connected to the removal of the slide buttons.

  25. Toby says:

    I had the same issue (menu items on the Tempera settings page not clickable). Force refresh (Ctrl+F5) fixed this problem and I can now access the Tempera settings without a problem. Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m; Windows 8.1

  26. webdevgirl says:

    My header and post heading fonts flicker to some other font whenever I refresh the page after updating to the latest version.

  27. Same issue as Drew. The slider is missing on the presentation page and I can’t edit anything on the tempera settings page.

    • AndrzejL says:

      What version of php? I have PHP Version 5.5.13 I WP 3.9.1 on the Apache 2.4.9. It works just fine. File permissions on the server? What browser and OS are You using? Are You self hosting? I am self hosting on my home server running Arch Linux. And just to show You that I am not one of those “works for me” bs-ers here is a short vid


      My webserver’s config is a little bit complicated. To access my website You need a browser that is TLS 1.2* (crypto) compatible and You need to accept a self-signed SSL certificate and Cookies ;). If You can handle it here is the link.




      P.S. Complains about the crypto or the cookies warning or the self-signed ssl cert won’t change a thing but if You have to complain – knock yourself out ;).

    • Zed says:

      I see your slider working fine at the moment. Are you seeing any javascript errors in your dashboard? (use the browsers development tools for this)

      • Force refresh (Ctrl+F5) fixed this problem and I can now access the Tempera settings without a problem. Thanks

      • AndrzejL says:

        Just those 2 during playing with the Tempera menu:

        Timestamp: 24/06/14 09:19:08
        Error: expected type int, got (void 0)

        Timestamp: 24/06/14 09:21:48
        Error: JavaScript callback failed, and an error sentinel was not specified.

        But those are from raising and lowering the browser window and have nothing to do with the menu.

        The browser is Firefox Nightly 33.0a1 (2014-06-23)



  28. guil2209 says:

    When we disable the responsiveness for mobile phone, the display on mobile phone looks terrible. It was working great before, but now it seems we don’t have a choice and must stick with the responsiveness enabled even if we don’t like it. Any solution or future fix?

  29. The social sharing icons are working. yippee and thanks.

  30. AndrzejL says:

    Hi there.

    Love the theme. Using it for a short while but it was love from a first preview.

    Few tiny problems I have noticed so far in the version 1.2:

    1) In breadcrumbs Home icon is missing.


    2) Back to the top icon is missing.




  31. Drew says:

    I’m having problems on the Tempera settings page (/wp-admin/themes.php?page=tempera-page) accessing the according style menu that allows me to edit settings. I click but the menu doesn’t expand so I can’t edit anything. I’ve deactivated plugins and am running WP 3.9.1

    Any ideas on what is causing this?

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