Tempera 1.0.0 brings preset color schemes

Days long gone

Days long gone

It’s that time again. It’s the moment one of our babies turns into a grown-up. Gone are the days of pushing the stroller through the park, of learning how to tie ones shoelaces, of tooth and belly aches; long forgotten are the days of wiping carrot soup off of puffy cheeks or those smelly, messy potty training sessions. No more breast feeding for this theme – this theme’s all grown up.

Tempera’s been thrust into the real world and it will stay there whether it likes it or not. It’s now surrounded by other grown-ups and while it’s definitely going to have a hard time at first, I’m sure pretty soon Tempera will be searching for a job, a place to stay, a room mate or two, maybe even a significant other. Tempera will have to make some tough decisions in the near future, one of which will probably be choosing what it wants to do with its life.

But all we can really do now is sit and watch, hoping that all we taught it up until this point has left its mark on young adult Tempera. We, Cryout Creations as its parents and all of you guys as thousands of  caring aunts and uncles have done our best to point out all its small flaws and help fix them, as well as praise its skills and help elevate them further.

Tempera into adulthood

Tempera into adulthood

This is not the end of the road, Tempera’s just switching to another lane – a faster one. And like the caring, loving parents, aunts, uncles and distant cousins that we are, we’ll be right here, supporting it through life as much as we can, making our youngest kid shine!

16 Preset Color Schemes for the road

16 Preset Color Schemes for the road

And while Tempera gets ready to board the high speed train called “Life” we fill its backpack with a handful of fixes and improvements for the road. We also fill all its pockets with all the color schemes we can think of so that it will be prepared for anything and everything. And just so that it won’t forget about us, we also make a list:

  • added 16 preset color schemes (all color schemes from Parabola plus 2 new ones!)
  • added an option for editing the space between the menu and content and another option for editing the content’s left-right padding; you’ll find both options under the Graphics Settings
  • further enhanced the Presentation Page responsiveness (mostly the columns)
  • fixed header background color setting not applying properly
  • fixed the slider’s left & right arrows visibility on dark backgrounds
  • fixed ‘More posts’ loading gif animation not showing on dark backgrounds
  • fixed top bar full width/site width options not working properly
  • fixed HTML5 inputs display issues
  • fixed Google fonts not working when extended sets were declared
  • added Persian translation

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The creative mind behind Cryout Creations. In charge of all you see and a lot more. Has all the great ideas but never enough coffee to make them all happen; also the lead bug designer.
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24 Responses to Tempera 1.0.0 brings preset color schemes

  1. De says:

    I really, really love Tempera!!!! The only question is how can I add a color bar across the bottom of each page? I have tried “Adding Media” but the artwork shrinks and I am unable to enlarge it to it’s original size. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Zed says:

      You’ll most likely get better results with CSS by applying a background image (placed at the bottom) on the #forbottom or #main elements.

  2. I have bought you coffee by the way and have not had any troubles with your themes. I add lots of plug-ins and have not had any issues. Keep up the great work even from bed!

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