Tempera 0.9.6 is in the zone

tempera-zoneWelcome to yet another episode of the Tempera Zone – the place where normal things don’t happen very often. In this episode a watermelon and a zebra are playing chess and it looks like a stalemate. And as the doctor scratches his beard with an electric eel, the alien engineers carefully examine the torn sheet of paper inside a needle’s eye – it says:


  • fixed bug in post information metas on single pages
  • CSS styling now affects all HTML5 input types
  • fixed caption alignment issues
  • presentation page titles now accept HTML tags
  • fixed click-able area on the header that was only half width due to header widget

Stay tuned for the next episode and find out if the talking dog from outer space finally joined the flea circus!

About Kay

The creative mind behind Cryout Creations. In charge of all you see and a lot more. Has all the great ideas but never enough coffee to make them all happen; also the lead bug designer.
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15 Responses to Tempera 0.9.6 is in the zone

  1. Love Tempera, is any work being dong to have META TAGS supported, or are any of the plugins actually compatible, as I have heard Yoast SEO does not work with Tempera? I have optimized Title/Tag to 60 characters now, and want to add Meta Tags. This theme is so powerful, there has to be an answer. Thanks

  2. Mike Russell says:

    I noticed that there is an update to 0.9.7. Any changelog for that one? (Or am I missing it?)


    PS – love the theme!!

  3. Sam says:

    Your baby dinosaur does sound like an outstanding typist. I would have a hard time scratching a chin and typing nonsense at the same time and with the same hand. Especially the left one.

  4. Bryan says:

    Nice and easy to use theme. Easiest to tinker while drinking coffee *winks*

  5. Nick says:

    Thanks for the update, great job on the theme, the best I’ve found.

  6. jens says:

    i’ve got a problem with the background colors and type colors after update on wordpress 3.8.1. I’ve update the new tempera release, too. Any ideas?

  7. Sam says:

    Everyone is batshit crazy in Tempera Zone. I still managed to get in and grab the update before alien engineers could act on their plan to replace my limbs with dinosaurs – without anaesthesia.

    Thanks guys ! I’ll just need to find a safer strategy next time I want to update.

    • Kay says:

      You’re the lucky one, you got away clean. I’m scratching my chin with a baby dinosaur as I’m typing this. The bad news is that it seems to keep growing so at a certain point I’ll probably get eaten by my own left hand. The good news is that the baby dinosaur is a really good typist.

      Thank you too and keep your eyes peeled for the next update.

  8. fofenka says:

    I’m your great fan! and I like Tempera very much! But I’ve some problems with the template – it’s about the presentation page:
    I can’t go to the next posts on the next page that apears on the bottom under the first posts on the home page… please visit it on my web,

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