Parabola 1.3.3 flies by

The latest Parabola update doesn’t want to stand out and tries to fly by unnoticed. It is simply here to address a couple of small things, like SSL Google fonts, HTML inputs, CSS3 rgba() on old browsers and others. It does its job and then moves on, leaving the path clear for then next update.


  • fixed import/export settings not working on some rare occasions
  • fixed Google fonts to correctly handle SSL websites
  • changed default table cell alignment to top (instead of bottom)
  • added styling for all the HTML 5 input types
  • added failsafe functionality for CSS3 rgba() colours in older browsers
  • updates Spanish translation

About Zed

The analytical mind behind Cryout Creations. Responsible for all the wires and tubes; dedicates most time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.
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34 Responses to Parabola 1.3.3 flies by

  1. Alison says:

    I updated Parabola today and now it won’t show the presentation page as my home page, even though I’ve clicked ‘enable’ and clicked ‘save’. Is there a bug?

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi, the fourth column on the presentation page shows the image, but the “Read More” link container is not there. I’ve tried deactivating plug-ins, widgets and the theme, but nothing is working. The other three columns are fine, and yes, I configured the settings to have 4 columns.

  3. jd says:

    i have the same problem …pug on the new version ?!!

  4. Anhur says:

    Hey I must say – I love this theme. It really suits my taste! ;)

  5. Pablo says:

    I have a problem with the presentation page, I have clicked “enable’ on settings but it still won’t show. Can someone advise me

  6. Alex says:

    Hello, I wonder if the theme Parabola has the functionality of submenus? If you can do, explain to me how I can create submenus?

    thanks for the help.

  7. definitio says:

    Can you help me HIDE TAGS ON FRONTPAGE?

    A special code seems to be needed for this, because the general option hides tags in general.

    I want them hidden in the frontpage (latest articles)


  8. jimngilli says:

    I have responsiveness enabled, but it doesn’t look right on any mobile device. I searched support forums about this, but the only suggestions I could find were to update Parabola, I don’t have any updates to do. Please help, my site is

  9. Have never had a problem with this theme, great job!
    One change I would like… in the file includes/theme-comments.php line 88 I changed the “No Comments” to “Leave Comment”… the connotation is slightly different… any objection to changing that? or possibly providing an option to choose the verbiage that goes there?
    Thanks again!

  10. Hi — Like the folks in this forum — — the links to the Parabola settings aren’t working. Please help!

    • Zed says:

      That’s caused by poorly written plugins. Disable all plugins and see if the settings page returns to functioning order, then re-enable them one by one to figure out which one is causing the issue.

  11. Deb says:

    I suddenly have a comment at the bottom of the pages that must be related to theme but I am too new to know how to fix it. “Enter the text or HTML code here”

  12. Mike says:

    just a question: I have 5 social networks on top of my site but I want to add a 6th (instagram) how can I add a sixth one since the settings only allow for 5? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. pezzenti says:

    meta tag description in SEO plugin does not work on presentation page, any help?

  14. VicDar says:

    can’t find the SEO section to add title/keywords. Please help!

  15. katydenys says:

    I have real problems to change colors, when I save the changes not working well

    • Zed says:

      Do you get 2 colour selectors when you click on any of the colour fields? If yes, one is there because of a rogue plugin, breaking Parabola’s settings page. Disable all plugins and enable them back one by one to figure out which one is causing this.

  16. katydenys says:

    Hello, I have problems with editing my page. When I change the settings on the colors for some areas or letters, is changing the whole scheme of the page. I have this problem since yesterday. What I have to do?

  17. Love the Parabola theme, but I am having a small issue. On pages, my sidebars fall to the bottom. On normal posts, they are where they belong. Any idea what could be possibly causing this to happen?


  18. fariz says:

    i have problem with the slides. the slides won’t load content from another author of my blog, how i can fix it ?

  19. AJ says:

    Good day. I’d like to comment of the post title in parabola theme. When in mobile mode, the post title shrinks in a way that is even smaller than h2 or h3 tags, any solutions for these? thanks in advance

  20. leonardo says:

    I’ve had issues, but it hurt like this, ever!! does not take the changes, gate an object and then I find him, I change the language alone, many things you do not understand, there are no guides, I can not put the research site, when I put the calendar on the left to find it all right widened and it’s horrible, never seen an issue so difficult to customize and so hurt, shame because it is nice but it is not functional, I only lost time, and to think that I wanted to buy, tonight I uninstall it, you can not work !

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