Mantra 2.3.4 still breathes

Yes, it is still alive! Despite such a long break in releases (the longest break yet), Mantra still has some breaths left.

One of these breaths is the 2.3.4 update, bringing the eagerly awaited (and fiercely requested) social icons bugfix (bug kindly bundled by yours truly with the previous update).


  • fixed the social icons (unable to disable) bug introduced in 2.3.3
  • corrected the meta show/hide options not working for custom post types (pointed out by tkemmere)
  • corrected content editor (html .mceContentBody) width to properly use the configured site width instead of an arbitrary number
  • improved handling of empty site title and/or description (will no longer display a single dash in the browser title)
  • updated French translation


About Zed

The analytical mind behind Cryout Creations. Responsible for all the wires and tubes; dedicates most time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.
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44 Responses to Mantra 2.3.4 still breathes

  1. cmrsf1 says:

    Hi, I’m using adrotate with Mantra 2.3.4. I cannot get the ads to display in the footer sections. The headings show up but not the ads. Is this an issue with Mantra or Ad Rotate?


  2. Gei-Cee says:

    Mantra is awesome and at least perfect choice for my wordpress project. Just few important issues, which may be relevanto also to other users:
    1.) Is there an wp caching plug in you could reccomend in use with the mantra template. I use the presentation page of mantra with the slider. WP caching plug ins that compress or mignify CSS and JS gave me some troubles and caused the slider not to work
    2.) On view of an article is it possible to make visible the image in evidence on top of article as used to on the standard wp themes?
    3.) For the slider on the mainpage I use the “show articles in evidence” parameter. As on the bottom of same page I show also excerpt of last 6 articles. Is or will there be a way to exclude articles in evidence to avoid display redundant information?
    Anyway: big up for mantra!

    • Zed says:

      1. No matter which plugin you use, you need to disable Javascript minification/compression. CSS minification could also create issues in some cases, so if you have issues, disable that as well.
      2. If you’re referring to the featured image, that is displayed when post lists are set to display excerpts.
      3. The theme has no way of telling between the two. Use a separate category for slider posts, in conjunction with “WP Hide Post” plugin which allows you to hide posts from specific listings/sections (including the homepage). Or simply use publish dates far into the past for slider posts if dates don’t matter.

  3. Respec says:


    How to disable the creation of multiple graphics when it adds a new image to the post. I do not need them and it is getting through it more and more – I want to turn it off but how to do it?

  4. Liam ONeil says:

    Is it possible to have a 3 column layout on the presentation page? Cant seem to figure it out… Any thoughts?

  5. Daisy says:

    may I know how to change the bullet point graphic in Mantra theme?

  6. Respec says:

    Relative width not working properly – the margins in the content are not equal.

  7. Tomtoms says:

    Hi, how to make the same menu in the mantra as it is at a tempera ?

  8. baja says:

    I recommend Mantra to everyone because it is so configurable, and the tech support is great too.

  9. Ron says:

    Hi guys,

    is there a way to turn off the slider on the presentation page? I have 3 categories on my blog and I’d like to use the presentation page to simply link to them using the columns. But I don’t need the slider. Thanks in advance!

  10. Kuba Janek says:

    Hi, I have a problem with Mantra theme and plugin Contact Form 7 – the field for text area is very small – if I use another theme [standard] size of field is OK.

  11. Tomtoms says:

    Hi, how to make a light transparent template that was seen a little background?

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