Mantra 2.3.2 is retracing its steps

Mantra had second thoughts and decided to redo two of the changes it has already done, but in a different way. Additionally, it fixed some responsiveness issues and got half ready for WordPress 3.8.

Complete changelog:

  • re-redesigned captions (added left/right padding back)
  • corrected (enlarged) social icons sizes in sidebars
  • corrected presentation page columns responsiveness on larger mobile devices
  • fixed incorrect pagination on custom category pages
  • fixed custom css style output missing proper HTML tag
  • fixed presentation page styling being displayed after the mobile style, breaking the layout
  • fixed XSS vulnerability in frontend.js
  • (almost) ready for WordPress 3.8

About Zed

The analytical mind behind Cryout Creations. Responsible for all the wires and tubes; dedicates most time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.
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13 Responses to Mantra 2.3.2 is retracing its steps

  1. Wan win says:

    may be rounded down menu

  2. Wan win says:

    Hi, when you update Mantras

  3. Felix Nyamweya says:

    Mantra vs. Parabola..which is the best? currently using parabola

  4. Mobile Rafi says:

    Is it safe or rady to use with WordPress 3.8?

  5. Elvire T says:

    Mantra seems great. I have decided to work with it.
    I am new at wordpress so I downloaded the 3,8 issue !

    What is your schedule for the complying Mantra ?

  6. Gary Murdock says:

    Just started using the Mantra Theme, and really loving the flexibility, just one thing extra I would like to have if possible, and that is the option for more slides. I needed to show 6 images, and it only supports 5. If the option was increased to maybe 10, that would give people a chance to put more on if they needed to. But otherwise great theme, keep up the good work

  7. Great theme!. Use myself and recommend to friends! Thanks for the translation into Russian.

  8. myduffybear says:

    Thanks for adding back the full border around the images!

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