Mantra 1.9.2(.x) and the missing Presentation Page

Mantra 1.9.2 series enhanced the slider. Not its looks this time but the actual content that goes into the slides. You can now load the latest posts, random posts, posts from a category, random posts from a category, sticky posts or specific posts or pages. We also altered the look of the sticky posts a tad.

We also improved the post thumbnails but introducing an option to crop the images or not.

We also made the main navigation menu overlap the header image. Some of you liked the idea, some of you not so much that’s why in the next version we’ll make that an option or revert to how it previously used to be.
Still in the header business, we made the header height a direct input. You don’t have to select from preset values now. So if you want your header height to be 183px… well.. now you can.

We also improved the Right To Left version of our theme, the relative dimensions and fixed a few bugs.

Now this seems to be bothering some of you:

If after the update you can’t see your presentation page, go to the WordPress admin > Settings > Reading and switch the Front page displays to its default value which is Your latest posts.

If you need some other page to show your blog posts just edit that page and choose page-blog as page template.

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46 Responses to Mantra 1.9.2(.x) and the missing Presentation Page

  1. Manuel says:


    I am a beginner with wordpress and i have choose your mantra template. But i have a big problem, i need to know how can i add an image or flash animation on the mantra header ? i dont understand a lot on css files so if you can explain me a step by step instructions to follow, it was really appreciated…!

    Hope can Mr Kay answer me fast.

  2. Hi, i need to override the standard drop down menu with the plugin Uber menu.
    I have added this in this header.php (mantra theme)
    wp_nav_menu( array( ‘container_class’ => ‘menu-header’, ‘menu_id’ =>’prime_nav’, ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ ) ); ?>

    But it doesn’t override the mantra menu. What did i forgot or overlook in the code ?

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