CR2 HTML Module (Pro)

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(CR2) HTML Module (Tripack/Pro) is an OpenCart module that allows you to add custom HTML code in your online store.




  • multiple separate HTML code areas to be defined
  • on OpenCart 1.5 these areas can be displayed multiple times throughout the layout
  • custom title for the module (or no title at all)
  • bordereless design support (the ability to completely disable the module’s default HTML wrapping)
  • custom CSS classnames for each module appearance (this feature behaves differently between version 1.5 and 1.4.9 of OpenCart)
  • custom CSS code integration, so you will not need to modify the theme’s files to apply custom design to the module (or any other part of the shop for that matter)
  • 5 predefined colour themes useful for text boxes (1.5 only)

For an exact description of the features and the limits applicable to each separate version, consult the table below.

HTML Module comparison and compatibility table

CR2 HTML Module Pro

CR2 HTML Module

HTML Module Tripack

Price: $11.45 free free
OpenCart Version: 1.5.0.x(1)
1.5.1.x-1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x(3), 1.5.6.x
Number of separate HTML content areas: 10 3 3
Number of module appearances(2): practically infinite
10 x no. of layouts active (11 by default) x 4 positions
practically infinite
3 x no. of layouts active (11 by default) x 4 positions
maximum 3
Custom CSS Code: yes
(defined globally)
no no
Custom CSS class support: yes
(per every module instance)
(per every module instance)
Predefined coloured styles: yes
dark, blue, red, green, yellow
no no
Borderless design support: yes yes no
Custom title: yes
(10 different titles)
(3 different titles)
(3 different titles)
Enable/disable title: yes yes yes
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(1) The OpenCart 1.4.9 and 1.5.0 version branches are no longer maintained and do not include all the latest features and fixes.

(2) On OpenCart 1.4.9, each HTML area can only be displayed once, so the maximum number of appearances is limited by the maximum number of definable HTML areas. On OpenCart 1.5, each HTML area can be displayed multiple times (up to number of layouts x 4).

(3) For version 1.5.5 a one line change is needed for the modules to work (otherwise an error is displayed).