Cryout Shortcodes


This (beta-state) plugin inherits the shortcodes functionality initially implemented in our Mantra theme (but eventually removed from it).

It is provided as a free download for everyone using Mantra and wanting to retain the functionality of the shortcodes or for everyone else using one of our themes that wants or needs one of the provided shortcodes.

Note: If you’re still using the older [mantra] shortcodes, enter the plugin settings (Appearance > Cryout Shortcodes) and activate the compatibility option.

As it is not currently published in the official WordPress plugin repository, you will need to perform a manual installation.

Available Shortcodes

The target attribute is optional and defaults to “_blank“. The color atribute is only valid on the color button.

Insert a pull-quote into content.
[[cryout-pullquote align="left|center|right" textalign="left|center|right" width="33%"]
Quote text

Format content into columns
[cryout-column width="1/2"] One Half [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="1/3"] One Third [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="1/4"] One Quarter [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="1/6"] One Sixth [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="2/3"] Two Thirds [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="3/4"] Three Quarters [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width="5/6"] Five Sixths [/cryout-column]

You must keep the total on one column-multi under or equal to a whole, otherwise the columns will not fit. For example, mixing 2/3 with 1/2 exceeds 1 (7/6 > 6/6).

One thing to remember is that you should try to avoid leaving spaces / breaks outside column contents (WordPress will convert these to new lines and mess up the column content layouts). You can have as many newlines inside the column content as you want, but do not leave any space between [[/cryout-multi]][cryout-multi] and [[/cryout-column]][cryout-column…]

[[cryout-author display="author|description|login|first-name|last-name|nickname|

The “display” parameter is optional and defaults to “author” (name).

Insert a tag cloud into the content.