Tempera 1.2.2 to the rescue

It’s not been long since the last Tempera update; unfortunately, independent of us, it has not been a successful one. The broken theme archive on WordPress’ servers has plagued and ruined several websites without an easy fix.

Fortunately, we’ve been awake long enough to submit a new update. And the review team guys have been kind enough to already approve and publish it. So here it is, the Tempera 1.2 update (hopefully with all its files in place):

  • improved responsiveness (a bit more) for the whole theme and specifically the header area
  • the header widget position is now responsive
  • added option to remove hover effect on presentation page columns
  • fixed theme still partially responsive after responsiveness disabled (reported by Rico)
  • added option for presentation page posts column count
  • updated translation files


About Zed

The analytical mind behind Cryout Creations. Responsible for all the wires and tubes; dedicates most time to breaking stuff and finding bugs and never enough time to fixing things.
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80 Responses to Tempera 1.2.2 to the rescue

  1. cy says:

    hey Zed, I cant seem to figure out how to get the presentation page columns to display as it should. I choose 3 in one row (and made the images to the specified size) but it always shows up as 1 per row and ends up stacking on each other in 3 rows. I feel like I’m almost there, but wondering if you had any ideas what I can do to make it work as it should? thanks!

    • Zed says:

      Check your presentation page fields contents (the texts). You have some mark-up errors in there – some tags that don’t belong, some closing tags that are never opened – which are breaking the page layout.

  2. Scott says:

    I am using Tempera to rebuild our commercial flower business site, currently http://www.vickiesflowers.com , but using http://www.funeralprintingservices.com as the development site. I would like to have a slider that would accommodate up to 10 images and only have a title line that shows up in the lower right corner of the image as a link. Is this modification possible?

  3. junie17125 says:

    Excuse me, but I have downloaded Tempera from http://wordpress.org and I don’t know how to activate the theme. For Example: When I go on ‘Themes’ and search in Tempera, it says it isn’t found. I already downloaded Tempera, and what do I click to edit my website and put in the Tempera theme. I don’t know how to activate downloaded themes into websites. I started WordPress on August 2013, and still don’t know much yet.

  4. Maria White says:

    I am using Tempera 1.2.2 and developed my website using a subdomain. When I tried to move it to the main domain all of the fonts and formatting in the site changed. My hosting company is telling me it is something in the template. Has any one had trouble with this? Is there some trick to moving the site. http://www.test.gamekprs.com

  5. Sandra Gallo says:

    Hello, I have a few websites with Mantra made ​​and that’s perfect! http://www.christolelie.nl (Mantra website)
    Tempera Bug: this is very nice and well, but I’ve found a bug.
    Titles and text especially with Chrome “change Uppercase letters to lowercase just !, does this ever good?

    Thank you very much

    Sandra Gallo

  6. Are you able to add google ads to your blog? If so how? If you have to make the blog a page then it directs it to the posts where do I enter in my adds to show?

  7. How do I add the blog to the main menu on the page? I want to be able to click BLOG on the menu and it opens to all of my posts and categories? I am using the presentation page as the home page.

  8. Valerie says:

    I haven’t updated the Tempura theme yet, I don’t know how to do it without losing settings, etc! But my question is – when I make changes to the presentation page, the changes ONLY show up when I am logged in. I changed a photo and a few words. Tried it on a Mac, a PC and my tablet. Am I missing something? I clicked the save button on each cryout column.

  9. kdieter21 says:

    Does anyone know how to disable the square demo photos from the theme? I thought it would be appearance>tempera theme>presentation page…. but i’m not seeing where I would do that

  10. martin says:

    css styles are sometimes seen and sometimes not

  11. Ciaran says:

    I update to the latest version of Tempara….the issue is have is that when I select the layout “2 Columns – side bar on left” my screen fills with white space further hand it should be (see here: http://mclarenvaleweb.com.au/directions) — However if I choose “1 Column and No Side bar” the page renders correctly (see here: http://mclarenvaleweb.com.au/v3-booking)

    I am not sure where I have gone wrong: Any comments would be greatly appreciated

  12. Pradeep says:

    how to edit cryout coloumns in presentation page

  13. Richard Bejah says:

    From the last update I have been unable to see our Featured Image at the top of each page. I worked out that if an image is above 1600px then it would show up … It was looking great… I added feature pages to every post. THEN with the upgrade they stopped showing up… The pictures are still there they just do not show in the header section… Sadly they are not showing now. Does anybody else have a problem like this? Is there something that I can do my end to fix… If others are affected as well could you please see if this can be fixed… Thanking you in advance Richard :0)

  14. Hello

    I would like to have 2 sidebars, one left, the other right site that I remade, but I would like to fill choose the width of each sidebar, the left must be less wide than right, is this possible?

    I use the theme without page presentation, classical for a blog, is it possible to have the slider on the page of presentation on the blog page?

    Thank you

    • Zed says:

      The sidebars can be resized independently with CSS, however that will render the layout widths option in the settings useless.
      The slider is a feature of the presentation page and cannot be used anywhere else (however there are several slider plugins available as replacements).

    • Hi,

      This is not ideal if using CSS, I lose…

      Precisely this is what I want to avoid, that is why I ask the question, use a plugin that will increase my site, I don’t want it, have limited the slider on the page of presentation is a negative point of the theme,

      • Zed says:

        The only way to include the slider in another page would be via a shortcode; and WordPress rules no longer allow us to include shortcodes in themes… so you’ll have to take this complaint up with them :)

  15. construrap says:

    como puedo cambiar el texto de la pagina de inicio donde dice Tempera is living on the edge, waiting for you to come and give it a push!

  16. Antonella says:

    I’ve updated Tempera to the latest version, but in the Tempera settings page the menu’s items don’t open up anymore! Help please!

    • Zed says:

      If you’re using WordPress 3.8.x or 3.9.4, you most likely have a poorly written plugin which break’s the theme’s javascript functionality. Look for JS errors in the dashboard or manually disable all your plugins one by one to check which one is causing the issue.

  17. manciuria says:

    There is any way to change the home page in a multilanguage? Basically having two homepages. I believe the easier option is to have two installations but I may be wrong.

  18. Reshma says:

    Hi again!
    Regarding my website http://www.shmamassage.nl, with wordpress 3.9.2 and Tempera theme 1.2.0 ,: problem: unable to update to 1.2.2.

    I logged into my wp-admin again, but now when I click on updates, it says that my theme is already up to date ….????

    But when I view the theme details it says: running tempera theme 1.2.0 ???

    Am I missing something??

  19. Reshma says:

    Hi !
    I’ve tried to update the Tempera theme from 1.2 to 1.2.2 several times now, but the update doesn’t “take” .
    Every time I press update in my dashboard, it begins to update but then the updating stops, nothing is happening anymore and I get the message :
    “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”
    Sometimes I get the error 500 code as well.

    What is wrong? And more important : What can I do?
    I’m using wordpress 3.9.2.
    my website: http://www.shmamassage.nl

    I hope you can help me with this!

  20. where’s the theme documenatation? trying to find shortcodes

  21. I updated my theme from Weaver II to Tempera. But now I don’t have thee Nextgen Gallery’s anymore on my pages. The code [nggallery id=xx] is still there. Someone an solution? (all plugins are updated and using the latest WP version).

  22. freak says:

    Wow, what a crap. This is the most horrible code I’ve ever seen. The guy (s) who programmed this piece of *** should look for a new job.

  23. Alison says:

    Hi, I updated tempera and lost my site title and tagline. I tried to do a force refresh but nothing changes. How can I display my title please?

  24. A smiley face has appeared at the bottom of my pages with this update–it’s kind of unprofessional looking. Can it be removed, and if so, how? Thanks.

  25. I don’t know what you’ve done in the last few days to the Tempera template, but EVERY post on my site has changed and has WHITE text and when the pages pull up, it looks like there are no posts on my pages because you can’t see the text! Can you please fix this immediately!

  26. Carmen K. Sisson says:

    Unfortunately, I just upgraded to 1.2.2, and I completely broke my site. I’m not even sure how I had it before, but I liked it. Why oh why didn’t I pay attention to that nice little message about exporting settings. I’m in for a long night I think. So disappointed and upset, but it was my fault for not backing things up. I don’t know where to begin fixing what I’ve done.

  27. ajlido says:

    Hello there, I update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 version and I lost my custom logo on the header in my website on WP 3.9.2
    I tried to disable it and activate again but with no result.
    Any ideas please?
    Thanks in advance.

  28. For Tempera 1.2.2, how can I disable the parent links in the main menu? I need the parent menu items to appear but to have only their drop down menu items (child) linked.

  29. Edwin Wylde says:

    Hi! Does Tempera 1.2.2 support or have Theme Blvd framework v2.2+???
    If yes, then I can download the plugin. If not – ideas??
    Thank you!

  30. Gail Nelson says:

    I lost my header – not sure what happened. Ideas?

  31. GR says:

    Is it possible to create a cryout column on the sidebars in addition to the presentation page?

  32. How do I get rid of the arrows on the drop down tabs?

  33. artmis27s says:

    Thanks for great theme, i just have one question , is Tempera compatible with woocommerce or not ? again thanx.

  34. TJ says:

    I updated to Tempura 1.2.2 and I also lost my slider on the homepage, but thank goodness the force refresh worked!! (Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R) Thanks again!!!!!

  35. TANYA says:


  36. Devin says:

    Cant edit tempera settings :(

  37. Renuka J says:

    I updated my theme and now my slider on my homepage went away and I can’t edit any of the tempura settings anymore…please help!

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