Fluida / Septera / Verbosa interim FAQs

A. Legal

A1. Is the theme free?

A2. Is the theme released under GPL license?

A3. Can I remove the credit (powered by) text in the footer?

A4. But I really need to remove the link. I’m doing this site for my employer/company/grandmother and I have to. Is there no other way?

B. Compatibility

B1. What browsers does the theme work on?

The theme will work as designed on all major modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 10+ and Edge.

While the theme will mostly work on older browser versions, some features (like animations, effects and some more advanced functionality) will not be available.

B2. Is the theme responsive?

Yes, the theme is fully responsive and it adjusts its appearance and layout based on the screen size of the device it is viewed on.

B3. What version(s) of WordPress is the theme compatible with?

The theme should work as designed on all WordPress versions since 4.2, but we recommend always updating the latest available WordPress release to keep your site as stable and secure as possible.

C. WordPress Functionality

Theme specific WordPress functionality FAQs are not yet available.

D. Updates

D1. Are my hard-worked settings kept during an update?

Theme settings (together with the Custom CSS and Custom JS field contents) are kept during updates.
File modifications (changes to style.css, to theme files or newly added files) in the theme folder are lost on update (this is default WordPress behaviour).

Consider using the custom CSS / JS fields or resorting to child themes for your extra customizations.

Important note: Since you can never have enough backups – and just to be on the safe side – use the Export Settings button (in theme settings) to save a complete backup of all theme settings before updating.

D4. I just updated and all my customizations are gone. How do I get them back?

Unfortunately, you should have used the “Custom CSS” field, a custom CSS plugin, or a child theme to make your changes. Any changes done directly on the theme files (style.css, js files or php files) are lost after an update. This is default WordPress behaviour and cannot be changed.

Theme settings, including the contents of the “Custom CSS” field, are kept between updates.

The only way to get your customizations back is to grab the files out of a backup. If you do not have a backup, then you’re out of luck. Sorry!

E. Specific Functionality

Theme specific functionality FAQs are not yet available.