How can I remove a section from Fluida WordPress theme that is disabled?

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    I have a WordPress theme installed called Fluida. There is a place to enable or disable portions of the home page, however, I have disabled the last section and now it just repeats what the first section says. http:// cannabisendorser dot com. I like the theme and would like to see it corrected. I have tried searching in many places including here, but the only thing I could find was premium support which is $25 and I’m not sure they could even answer this. I have also tried to use display: none; on this section, but it is an inner article that affects others as well. I would like to stay away from the PHP if possible.

    Thank you in advance.

    Cryout Creations Team


    All of the theme’s landing page sections are individually configurable (and can also be disabled) through the theme’s options.
    I suggest taking a look at our dedicated landing page tutorial and also the landing page specific section in the documentation.

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