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    Gina Calabro

    I would like to add more custom slides to the presentation page (5 seems to be the limit on the settings) Please advise – Our new site is going live next week test settings are


    Tomás Puig

    This is a question many times asked, but no responses. Because a few days ago I wanted to put 7 slides in front page, I worked on this matter. Here my solution. I’m not english speaker, I’ll try my best but…
    To achieve to increase the number of slides you need to work with the code of theme. Not really difficult, but do it if you know what you do, and think in a Child Theme.
    First: you must ask the system to process “n” (“7” in my case).
    Open the file theme-frontpage.php (includes/theme-frontpage.php) and edit
    at your convenience this string, changin five to “n”. It appears twice
    for ($i=1;$i<=5;$i++)
    Second: do the Settings shows the necessary “n” spaces to set up the slides. Edit the file settings.php (admin/settings.php) and search the <div class=”slidebox”> divs where these things are managed. There are 5 blocks, and yes, each one managed one slide. Add the appropriate number of blocks according you “n” needed. Warning: if you copy-paste, pay attention and change number pasted with the 6, 7… “n”…. everytime it appear or the Settings are not be able to manage (at least not properly) the image.
    PD: You can see the slider working with 7 images at
    PD2: Don’t be so lazy and give a donation to Cryoutcreations: it’s easyer and faster than setup more sliders!


    Tomás Puig

    Sorry, the link to see the effect was mispelled. Here the right one

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