E7. How do I define a link for the Skype social icon? callto:// doesn’t work

If you’re trying to use the callto:// link for the Skype social icon you probably noticed already that it doesn’t work.

This is a limitation caused by WordPress’ sanitation function that we have to use for all user inputed content (see question C20 above).

We thank Tracy for finding a workaround for this limitation:

  1. Go to TinyURL.com (other common services didn’t work).
  2. Type callto:SkypeID and generate the TinyURL.
  3. Copy the http://preview.tinyurl.com/TinyURL.
  4. Paste the URL into the Skype Social Media Settings field.
  5. Save and test.

Clicking the icon opens a TinyURL preview page, which displays the full callto:SkypeID. Click Proceed to this site to launch the Skype call process. (This assumes you’ve previously enabled the option to launch it from Skype Advanced settings.)

This workaround is no longer needed starting with version 2.0.3, which allows you to type in the skype ID directly and will properly display the callto://skype_id link on the frontend.