E4. How do I add another social icon in Mantra?

Extra social icons can be added or existing social icons images can be changed using a child theme.

For the purpose of the examples, lets assume you will be creating a “NewSocial” icon (Note: capitalization matters. Keep the same capitalization in all the occurrences).

0. Download the sample extra socials child theme[for Mantra v2.0.2 and older] or [for Mantra v2.0.3 and newer]

1. Find an image for you new social that fits in with the existing icons you will be using. Create a 37×37 pixels transparent PNG for it. Place that image as mantra-extrasocials/images/socials/NewSocial.png

2. Edit the provided functions.php file to define/rename your new social icon(s). Your new social icon(s) will then appear in Mantra’s administration page (Appearance > Mantra Settings) and once you enable it (them) also on the website.

3. Install the child theme via WordPress or manually upload the mantra-extrasocials folder to your wp-content/themes site’s folder. Using a child theme makes sure you will not lose your changes on theme updates. Use it as the basis for all your future customization or merge the contents of the functions.php file (and the images folder) with your existing child theme.

4. Activate the new child theme in Appearance > Themes. As you theoretically changed themes, you will need to re-assign the following things (if they were previously set): background image, header image, menu(s) association(s).

PS: If you want to add more than one custom social icon, edit the new socials array to include the extra socials array('NewSocial','NewSocial2') and so on.

PS2: You can use this child theme to only customize the social icons images, by adding all your custom images in the mantra-extrasocials/images/socials/ folder (using exactly the same name as the originals) and leaving the new socials array empty: array().