C21. Translations? Multilanguage?

The theme is “translation ready“. This means it supports WordPress’ built-in translations functionality, allowing you to translate it into your own language without editing a single theme file. If someone was kind enough to send us a translation in your language, you may be lucky to find it already there. Otherwise see our “how to translate” part I & part II tutorials.

Multilanguage” is a different notion. It means your site will have its content in several languages at once, being accessible to readers in various native languages. A theme doesn’t need to support multilanguage content since this is not its job. This functionality is only provided in WordPress by additional plugins. The theme should be compatible with all multi-language plugins, however only some plugins are capable of translating the theme’s presentation page special fields:

(*) since Parabola 1.5.0 / Tempera 1.3.0 / Nirvana 1.1.0

If you find other plugins capable of supporting multi-language translations of the presentation page fields, do let us know.