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Typography » General Font


Controls the font attributes (size, weight, font family) site-wide for all elements that are not controlled by a specific option (and are not styled by additional plugins or custom styling).

The Preferred theme fonts are Google Fonts and are loaded directly from Google' services. They are also browser/device independent. Additional Google Fonts can be used by entering their identifier directly in the font identifier field below.

Other font sets rely on the browser's/device's fonts for rendering and may differ between devices.

Custom Fonts


Support for custom fonts is not yet included in Verbosa.

If for customisability or privacy purposes using own fonts is preferred, the Font Family selector can be set to Custom Font and the custom font identifier can be entered in the font name field below. In this instance the theme will no longer make requests to external services; you will need to load the indicated font files to your site (using a plugin)

Custom Font


Concerning filenames and font identifiers, capitalization matters. So make sure you use the correct identification for your font, eg. MyAwesomeFont and Myawesomefont are not the same.